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What is Longevitology?
 Longevitology is a method of using human body to receive cosmic energy to help one’s own body and others for health fitness. Combine learning and after chakra points are open in class, students will improve their health through meditation and adjustment. You can also help others to improve their health.
 Learning longevitology, the curriculum is simple and you can practice at any time and any places. It involves relaxation of the body and mind to facilitate the channeling of energy in a natural way. This is achieved through meditation by sitting in a comfortable position, calming the heart and mind. Then, energy can be channeled through our body to restore the normal flow of “chi” and energizes body cells to enable self-repair as well as rejuvenate our body. Even you are healthy you can still practice longevitology to improve your immune system, circulation and metabolism. There are no associated side effects practicing longevitology.
 Longevitology originated from Taiwan in 1993 and since then, it has grown worldwide over million students. This curriculum is taught free of charge to anyone who are interested in learning it. Currently, there are Longevitology centers across the globe including USA, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Germany, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada and Malaysia.
Dear All,
Due to Houston & surrounding area  COVOD-19 situation, safety reason, we the Seminar Planning Team decided to cancel upcoming seminar on 4/5/20~4/10/20.
Our Weekly Adjustment Practice Center will cancel for now till further notice.
Practice daily Meditation, Adjust yourself & your family, Maintain Positive & Optimistic Attitude, & the most important, Enhance your Immune System.
Be safe Ya’ll.
 Longevitology Beginner and Intermediate Seminar of 2020
 Lecture in Houston, Texas
 Study of utilizing cosmic energy to good health
 Classes are Free of charge
 Longevitology Houston is honored to have the founder Master Lin, Tze-Tseng to give personal instruction for beginner and intermediate seminar in Houston, Texas. For more than 20 years, Master Lin has taught over million students worldwide.
 Longevitology Houston seminar class is sponsored by a nonprofit organization, CSX Longevitology U.S.A., which is organized by all volunteers. All expenses incurred from classroom facility rents, textbooks, food, etc., are all paid by the donations and contribution from students. This year 2020 Beginner and Intermediate class will begin on April 5th (Sunday) and ends on April 10th (Friday) six (6) day classes, will be held at
 Class Location: Chinese Community Center /中華文化中心
DateBegin TimeEnd Time
Beginner Class:
Sunday, 4/5/20202:30 PM6:00 PM
Monday, 4/6/20205:30 PM9:00 PM
Tuesday, 4/7/20205:30 PM9:00 PM
Intermediate Class:
Wednesday, 4/8/20205:30 PM9:00 PM
Thursday, 4/9/20205:30 PM9:00 PM
Friday, 4/10/20205:30 PM9:00 PM
Please pre-register online to reserve your seat by visiting website: http://csxhouston.org. For additional assistance you may email to chiwangcsxhouston@gmail.com or contact Ms. Chi Wang at 832-687-7644. Due to limited seating availability, please do not register if you are not able to attend all six (6) day classes. All lectures will be given in Mandarin Chinese with simultaneous translation in English. 親愛的長生學友們, 請您一同來共修,休士頓的共修站將在每週六下午2點至4點,位於中華文化學院 10550 Westoffice Drive, Houston, Texas 77042。 Dear Houston Chang Sen Xue Students, Houston Longevitology have weekly practice session on Saturdays at 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. located at The Institute of Chinese Culture 10550 Westoffice Drive, Houston, Texas 77042.   長生學共修站義工注意事項 Longevitology Adjustment Station Volunteer Notice Click here for Longevitology Adjustment Station Volunteer Notice 請按這裡:長生學共修站義工注意事項 長生學法律責任豁免同意書 Longevitology Liability Waiver Consent Form Click here for Longevitology Waiver Consent Form 請按這裡:法律責任豁免同意書

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